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PMO Triple Throat Carburetor

PMO Carburetors for Porsche 911 Engines
PMO EFI & MFI Throttle Bodies for Porsche 911 Engines

PMO Carburetors have been the choice for Porsche 911 performance enthusiasts since being introduced in 1997.  PMO is the original manufacturer of 911 carburetor conversions and we are the only company in the world dedicated exclusively to providing such conversions.  Designed and manufactured in Santa Monica, California, the PMO triple throat carburetor improves considerably over the original Weber carb and manifold design.

Complete upgrade kits including manifolds, linkage, K&N air cleaners, fuel lines and hardware are available.  

PMO Porsche 911 Carbs   
"On a 3.8 MFI motor, we switched to 50mm PMO carbs. The horsepower was increased by 12 and drivability was improved tremendously. It was awesome!"
KMW Motorsports, Boca Raton, FL, August 2009 

"We built a 3.8l using LN Nickies and CMW heads with your 46mm EFIs & a Fabspeed system and DC 60 cams running a Motec M600 ECU. The engine produces 354bhp @ 6,650rpm & is so smooth from idle and the low speed drivability is fantastic with very smooth & progressive throttle response. Also the customers love the look of the EFIs" Andy Tatlow, Flat Six Road and Race Engineering, Singapore June 2009

"Our 3.4 with the 50 PMO's makes 350 HP at the rear wheels!  Easily beats out cars with their $20,000 injection systems." 
Scott at Auto Associates, Canton, CT
April 2004

"328 horsepower out of a 2.5 liter! You'd swear it is electronic fuel injection, it's so smooth.  The customer wouldn't give up those carburetors for anything."
Jarvis Tech, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
September 2003

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