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Carburetion Kits - EFI Throttle Bodies - MFI Throttle Bodies
Complete Carburetion Kits
for Porsche
® 911® Engines   
Complete kits include pre-jetted and sized carburetors (40mm, 46mm, or 50mm), manifolds, linkage, K&N® Watershield air cleaners, pressure control unit, heat insulator kit, oil tank breather, fuel line & filter, clamps, injector plugs (as needed), power brake check valve (as needed) and complete installation instructions.  
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Also available:  Kits Without Manifolds/Linkage 
These kits are for 911s equipped with Zenith carburetors and use the existing manifold and linkage.

Pricing Complete Carburetor Kit Carburetors Only
40mm $ 4400 $ 3800
46mm $ 4500 $ 3900
50mm $ 4600 $ 4000

PMO EFI Throttle Bodies  
 (See PMO EFI on YouTube)

PMO MFI Throttle Bodies

PMO Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Mechanical Fuel Injection (MFI) Throttle Bodies features:
bulletThe Same High Quality and Reliability Features Enjoyed by PMO Carburetors
bulletPermanent Mold Casting
bulletSealed Ball Bearings to Maintain Radial Throttle Shaft Alignment
bulletBellville Springs to Maintain Axial Throttle Shaft Alignment
bullet40, 46 and 50mm Sizes
bulletFits PMO Manifolds and uses PMO Linkage
bulletUses PMO Watershield or ITG Air Filters
bulletVacuum Taps on Every Bore With Billet Vacuum Manifold Available (outside bores only on MFI)
bulletIntegral Boss to Mount Delco Throttle Position Sensor (EFI only)
bulletBillet Fuel Rails for Bosch Style Injectors (3/4" x 16 tpi Female Threads. EFI only)
bulletTapered 52mm Bore for Better Airflow
EFI Pricing
PMO EFI Throttle Bodies, Airhorns, Fuel Rails:
  $ 2650  
Same as above, with the following added:   $ 3200  
  PMO Manifolds, K & N Watershield Air Cleaners, PMO Linkage, Insulators, PMO Billet Vacuum Manifold, Delco Throttle Position Sensor
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MFI Pricing
PMO MFI Throttle Bodies, Airhorns:
  $ 2650
Same as above, with the following added:   $ 3200
  PMO Manifolds, K & N Watershield Air Cleaners,  PMO MFI Linkage, PMO Billet MFI Pump Stand
MFI Throttle Body Order Form