Carburetion & Injection

Support Policy

We offer technical support to any individual or dealer who buys PMO carburetors. Careful reading and following instructions eliminate most problems before they arise. Obviously, the engine and ignition system must be in good condition. Some engines, especially race engines, need additional tweaking of the carburetor jetting.

Please bear in mind that there are issues, many unrelated to carburetion, that cannot be addressed over the phone. The best plan is to have your car at a shop that we know has done many successful carburetor conversions and tuning. To save time and trouble, this is the best approach. If you give us a list of the shops in your area we can pick out the ones we recommend.

The bottom line is we want every installation to be successful, and we are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. If you need to talk to us, fax your configuration, questions and phone number to 310-394-6313 and let us know a good time to call.


Richard Parr