Carburetion & Injection


I canít express how great the car runs! Itís phenomenal! The engine is a 2.7 with E cams with 34 venturies, 135 mains, 190 air corrections, F11 emulsion tubes, and 55/130 idles. On extended 20-30 mile stretches the EGTís only varied 25-40 degrees between the cylinders on the 4000, 4500, and 5000 runs. This compares favorably with most fuel injection systems (75-100 differentials) and ordinary carburetion (100-125 differentials).
Ron, Rudtner's Racing, Freeport, NY, August 2010 

I canít tell you how much I appreciate your carburetors. A big improvement over Weberís in every aspect.
Tom Woodford at Factory Tour, Winnemucca, NV, July 2010

I have never bolted anything on that has worked so well. Your carbs are excellent! 
German Auto Service, Covina, CA, August 2009  

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From Clewett Engineering 
Today we dyno'd the car and my customer is happy with the results. It's the highest horsepower N/A 3.2 Porsche (older Model) in the country (Chile). Here's a video of the car on the dyno: You Tube video
Patricio C., Chile, October 2009

Along with the PMO EFI throttle body kit, Clewett has added the TEC-3r engine management, a newly updated 2.0-3.3 serpentine fan belt kit and many other goodies.

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Hi Richard, I give you news of my car (2.8RSR clone- 3.0SC)
I did the first test on racetrack Friday, and the result is very good. I have a car with engine very easy to use!  My engine is 3.0SC with MAHLE 97mm pistons and cylinders 10.5 comp ratio, SCHRICK cams 040 00: 304įin, 296įout, 112į lobe, 3.35 timing (machined pistons for the valve clearance), GT oil pump, spaghetti exhaust... and 46mm PMO EFI.  Iím very happy with the result! the dyno test gave 290 hp at 7000rpm, and 291 Nm at 400rpm, and the power curve is a straight line up to 7000 rpm. I have one very good engine, thank you Richard.
Philippe Fumey, Lons Le Saunier,  France, June 2012

Hi Richard, just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for your assistance with the carb setup and sale.  We had the car at Mid Ohio this past weekend and the customer was very happy with the results and the increased performance.  Installation was smooth as well.  As we get more track time (had very cold temperatures this weekend) we will work further to see if any jetting changes are needed, but right out of the box they were a fantastic improvement over those old Webers.
Jeff Brubaker, Kraftwerks Performance, Marengo, OH, May 2016

The 50mm PMO Carb Kit for the stock cammed í95 993 ran perfect right out of box! The customer picked the car up and drove 500 miles and came back thoroughly delighted. The car ran perfectly, never missed a beat. Remember how the carbs were setup for next time.
(50/39v, 160m, 190a, F11t, 55/130i, 4 Hose barbs)
Gary at GD Racing, San Bruno, CA, July 2015

That 2.7 with the 46mm PMOís just screamed. It ran great and transitioned perfectly. The customer was extremely happy. He would have won the GT5 race in Seabring except he ran out of gas.
Charlie at Intersport, McLean, VA, March 2013

The 3 liter with PMO 46's, GE 40 cams and J.E. pistons is so good itís ridiculous! It feels as smooth as CIS but it puts out incredible horsepower!
Jack Lewis Enterprises, Norcross, GA, February 2013

Iíve built a lot of 2.4s over the last 40 years and this 2.4 is unbelievable. It flies with the PMOs. It just puts a smile on your face.
Tom, Deutsche Motorsport, Concord, CA, November 2012

The 3.8s we have been building which have the 50 mm PMOs put out around 425 hp with 325 lbs torque at 7200 rpm and the cars are still very drivable.
Mike, J.B. Racing, Tavares, FL, October 2012

Fabulous instruments! Many engineering improvements over the Webers.
Paul Abbott, Performance Oriented, Chico, CA, October 2012

We are very happy with the performance of the PMO 50 setup on this 3.2 L engine. Smooth and powerful, couldnít be better.
Gary Allen, Toronto, Canada, April 2012

Absolutely love your carbs! I canít believe how nice they are.
Jack Morris, Wolfsburg Motorwerks, Seattle, WA, November 2011

We removed the off brand EFI set up and put 46 PMOs on the engine and it runs magical!
Scott, Auto Associates, Canton, CT, April 2011

We built a 3.5 with 50 mm PMOs that kills my 3.3 Turbo on the street. Itís so much more fun to drive, no flat spots, idles smooth, etc.
Wayne, Sears Point Classics, Novato, CA, April 2011

On a 3.8 MFI motor, we switched to 50mm PMO carbs. The horsepower was increased by 12 and drivability was improved tremendously. It was awesome!
KMW Motorsports, Boca Raton, FL, August 2009  

Itís bliss having a car that just starts up and runs smoothly. Great throttle response and power. Iím very pleased.
Dave at TREMotorsport.com, Van Nuys, CA, July 2009

The 3.5 with PMO 50s showed the most horsepower of any naturally aspirated Porsche motor weíve ever tested. 
Sam at Protechnik, Stafford, TX, July 2009

The 46s were spot on. We didnít have to do any adjusting and they ran great. The PMO carbs are tremendous! 
Gert Van Rooyan, Roswell, GA, March 2009

Your PMO carbs run smooth as silk. Canít tell the difference from a good fuel injected motor. You made it easy for us. On a 3.8 with 50mm PMO carbs, we got 380 horsepower at the wheels.
Automobile Associates of Canton, Canton, CT, January 2009

Back in 1998 we took a factory 3.8 RSR engine and did back to back Dyno Testing using Motec EFI with 50mm throttle bodies versus 50mm PMO Carbs.  We gained 2 hp. with the carbs with equal throttle response and driveability.  The car ran as good, at fraction of the cost!  Since then we have sold and installed approximately 40 sets of PMO Carbs, always with excellent results.  Keep up the good work PMO!

Scott at Auto Associates, Canton, CT, January 2008

The carbs are wonderful, awesome.  The engine runs fantastic; one of the the strongest I ever put together!

Volker at Volker's German Car Clinic, Santee, CA, May 2007

I have a 2.2 liter six, twin plug and am making 243 HP. at 8,000 RPM!
Tony Clinton, Port Orange, FL, January 2006

want to say that in 37 years of working on Porsches I never had a set of carburetors work as good as these PMO's.  I am totally impressed; the engine couldn't run any better!

John at German Auto Specialists, Covina, CA, January 2006

I love the new get up and go my 911SC has.  The PMO carbs made a huge difference!
Steve O'Brien. Boone, IA, December 2005

On the 1972 911 RS twin plug the carbs ran perfect right out of the box.  This is a race car with wild cams and high compression and incredibly, it was both docile on the street and great on the track.
Jack Lewis at Jack Lewis Enterprises, LTD., Norcross, GA, September 2005

Wow, what a difference.  I could never get the Weber carbs perfect.  I can now enjoy the car without messing around with the Weberís.  No more rich idle, no more boiling over at shut off, no more popping, no more debris issues.  The car has a whole different feel, from idle to wide open it is smooth with a noticeable horsepower increase.  PMO was very accommodating to my individual needs and was easy to do business with.  Thanks Richard for a great product.
Michael Fisher, Chattanooga, TN, July 2005 

Thank you for working with me.  The car really runs well.  You guys do a great job.
Mark at Greater Pittsburgh Auto Center, Coraopolis, PA, August 2005

I finally convinced my engine builder to switch from the other brand, to PMOís two years ago.  My 2.8 race engine runs beautifully now.
Masters Campbell, Anderson, SC, June 2005

We have a customer with 50ís on his 3.6 (with 3.8 PCís) in an early tub.  His $30,000 car beats $150,000 GT3 Cup cars on a regular basis.  The carbs have been unbelievably trouble free, and the car is unbelievably fast.  I can duplicate that car for $30,000 ($10,000 in the body and $20,000 in the engine).
Jack Lewis at Jack Lewis Enterprises, LTD., Norcross, GA, May 2005

Tremendous amount of power.  On the road itís just phenomenal.  With the carbs itís just a thrilling motor.
Richard Broadbent, Edwardsburg, MI, April 2005

I think your carburetors are much better than Weberís.  Youíve cleaned up the air flow beautifully.  All the right angle bends are out of the idle circuits.  Your carbs are pieces of jewelry.  You are doing everything right!
Tom Bosworth, Ex-Ford Carburetor Specialist, Oro Valley, AZ, March 2005

Great drivability at low speeds and when you open it up it takes off like a race car.
Rick Bumgarner, Tacoma, WA, February 2005

The 46 PMOís are a world of difference from the 46 Weberís.  The PMOís are much smoother all the way through.  Iím very happy with them.
Bob Glacken, Sparta, NJ, December 2004

We recently built two racing engines with your 50mm PMO carbs.  The carbs dialed in really quickly and easily.  Both engines ran great!  The 3.6 put out close to 360 horsepower and the 3.4 close to 340 horsepower.  These values are considerably better than what a racing electronic fuel injected engine achieved that we recently dynoed.
Peter, PBR Restorations, Crockett, CA, December 2004

The minute we put the PMO's on it was like a different car.  Nobody knows why a brand new set of Webers didn't work, but the PMO's made all the difference.  I really appreciate it.
Christian Van Fleet, Long Beach, CA, September 2004

I have just completed a Porsche 2.7 conversion using PMO's. Though the motor has only 700 miles on it and hasn't been pushed at all, I thought I'd offer these comments for anyone considering carburetor options. My car was a 73.5 in its former incarnation...the first Porsche application of CIS. As several Rennlist members are only too aware, I had a lot of CIS issues, though after five years of fussing the car finally ran pretty well. After searching for Webers for a while, I finally decided to spring for PMOs. This was the result of my inability to find Webers in decent condition and an analysis of what they would likely really cost after rebuild etc. PMO took our specs (9.5 CR, Elgin cams, etc) and delivered carburetors the following day. As best I can tell, NO further adjustment/jet changes (after initial set-up) will be needed. Performance is excellent, there are no flat spots, power seems spot on, throttle response is incredible, and the motor is smooth as silk from 2k to as high as I've dared go so far. Really quite incredible.  My mechanic says they have already saved me the $500 or so it could easily have taken to get some rebuilt Webers running correctly. Usual disclaimers apply...just a very satisfied customer...
James Taylor, September 2004   jameshtaylor@verizon.net

I use your PMO 50s on a 1973 911 RSR race car and they are fantastic!  We're tied for first place in our 3I HSR class even though we missed one race.
Denny Long, Long Racing, Brentwood, TN, July 2004

Carbs are fantastic!  Throttle response is phenomenal. Car is quick; faster than my Stingray ZZ4.  I'm in the parts business myself so I know a good product.  Use me as a reference.
Chuck Ehrenberg, Alston, MA, May 2004

The kits we have purchased have been set up perfectly.  Every set we have sold has been met with extreme happiness by our customers. They clearly work much better than the old Webers we were used to.  Thanks again for the great products.
Powertech, Rockaway, NJ,  February 2004

Our 3.4 with the 50 PMO's makes 350 HP at the rear wheels!  Easily beats out cars with their $20,000 injection systems.  At the 2004 PCA race at Road Atlanta we also beat factory 3.8 RSR race cars with our 3.4.  With the PMO 46s on our 2 litre cars we get more power and much better drivability than the Weber 46s.
Scott at Auto Associates, Canton, CT, April 2004

The 2.5 Litre with 50 PMOs put out 308 HP on the dyno. Dave White got the pole and took first in class recently at Daytona with this engine in his car. The engine is now going to Brumos.
Mike Bruns at JB Racing, Tavares, FL, April 2004

The PMO carbs work really nice. Customer's happy, I'm happy.  I'll sell them whenever I can.
Tony at TLG, No. Hollywood, CA, April 2004

We have three cars running the PMOs and they all work great.
Jim Bailie at Brumos Racing, Jacksonville, FL, April 2004

The Motor just purrs with the PMOs.  Runs like a million bucks, pulls strong.
Roy Haas, Crescent City, FL, April 2004

Our PMOs are working great.  We will be running our '74 RSR at Daytona in the Rennsport Reunion II.
Tom Barrick, Westfield, IN, April 2004

I had Webers and I put your carburetors on.  It was a night and day difference.  They work great!
Dave Fairchild, Richmond, VA, April 2004

The dyno results for the PMO 50s vs. the 46 Webers on a 3.4 show a very nice increase in power and much better fuel curve.  They work great.
Chris's German Auto Service, Bellevue, WA, March 2004

We've had a great run with your carburetors.  All the cars run great.  Wonderful design.  You should be very proud.
Musante Motorsports, South Windsor, CT,  February 2004

Just wanted to thank for you for the great PMO carbs that I recently installed in my 1968 911S. The carbs are really easy to setup and balance, and very fuel efficient. I used to do 150 miles on 50 Liter on my old Weber, and now it's 250 miles on the PMO. Very smooth idling at 900rpm, and acceleration without hesitation. It's a dream come true.
Jeff Chua, Singapore, November 2003.

Excellent dyno results from a 2.0 race motor; 20 more horsepower between 7,000- 8,000 rpm over the Weber 40's. Will make a huge difference especially at a track like Daytona. It responded well to the mixture screws, and has a nice idle. We were tickled pink with the PMOs, very impressive!
Jack Lewis Enterprises, Norcross, GA, October 2003

Everything is fabulous - runs smoother, has more power, mixture is great! Very, very happy, I really appreciate your help.
Technical Dimensions, Jacksonville, FL, October 2003

Worked great! The new 50 carbs got 357 horsepower out of a 3.3 on the dyno, with 260 ft/lbs. torque.
Pat Williams Racing, Memphis, TN, October 2003

Webers take too much time and expense to get right. Your carbs are the answer. We can bolt them on and get the horsepower and drivability we're looking for... without the exhaustive labor.
Frank Beck- Beck's Indp. Porsche Shop, October 2003

328 horsepower out of a 2.5 liter! You'd swear it is electronic fuel injection, it's so smooth. We install a lot of EFI systems, but this motor is optimized. I recommend your carburetors to everyone. The customer wouldn't give up those carburetors for anything.
Jarvis Tech, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, September, 2003

Recently, Bruch Motorwerke installed a new set of PMO 40 carburetors on my 1980 911sc 3.0L engine. I absolutely love your carbs - they made a huge difference!
Steve O'Brien, Des Moines, IA, September, 2003

Just called to say those carbs are awesome! Weíve installed four sets already this year. If you ever need a recommendation, just have them call me.
Monte at Redmond European, Redmond, WA, August 2003

The PMO carburetors completely changed the way the car ran. We are more than happy. Throttle response is awesome. You should have seen the grin on the ownerís face!
Exotic Auto, Houston, TX, August 2003

The PMO carbs work really well. They pull strong with no stumbling. Theyíve been trouble free; you just start and go!
Roy Albertalli, Berkeley Heights, NJ, August 2003

Car is running really well - 325 horsepower at rear wheels! We havenít been outrun by an air cooled car in a year.
Randy Roatch, Wichita, KS, August 2003

Beautiful! I didnít have to touch the carburetors. Much better than the Webers. I hope you sell a million of them!
Angel at Nardi Motors, Whittier, CA, July 2003

I love those carburetors! Iíd do it again. Were a piece of cake to setup. The performance is terrific; they also look great in the engine compartment.
Victor Kowtun, Orchard Park, NY, July 2003

I spoke with you about the GT3-R Class PCA car with your 50mm PMO carburetors on it. This car has three class wins out of three tries this year! These were Sebring, Road Atlanta, and Watkins Glen. Thanks! 
Pat Williams at Pat Williams Racing, Memphis, TN, June 2003  

Vast improvement over the Webers. Went through three sets of Webers before I installed the PMOs. They were a night and day difference!
John Swanson, Fairfield Bay, AR, June 2003

Fantastic! With 3.0 litre engine ported and polished, GE 80 cams, headers, 10.5 pistons on premium gas - 274 HP at flywheel. Thanks heaps.
Bob Bailey, Victoria, Australia, March 2003

I recently installed your carbs on a new engine for my 911T and they work great!
Dennis Singleton, Atherton, CA, March 2003

These PMO carburetors are bitchiní - they run sweet and are also great to look at.
Jeff at Rothsport, Tualatin, OR, February 2003

Carbs are magnificent; canít express how great they are!
Rick Garlock, Glen Burnie, MD, November 2002

320 HP out of a 2.8 - most horsepower weíve seen on a carbureted 2.8 engine on our dyno!
Midwest Eurosport, Bensenville, IL, June 2002

Weíve put on three sets of PMOs now and theyíre all running great!
Performance Engineering, Summit Point, WV, May 2002

Unbelievable improvement. Customer is so happy and excited. Nice kit, beautiful parts. Car ran fantastic. Great combination. Thank you very much!
Nikolas Motorsport, Keego Harbor, MI, May 2002

Your carbs look great and run great!
Alan at The Stable, San Francisco, CA April 2002

We have now used a number of sets of your new PMO carbs over the past couple of years and have found quality standards to be extremely high. We are also getting performance improvements on race cars after changing from mechanical injection or Webers. Please continue your excellent service and customer support. Thanks.
Automobile Associates of Canton, Canton, CT, November 2001

PMO 40s are better than Webers 40s - no lag, no stumble, better power, pulled top end better, adjust much nicer. Iím thoroughly stoked!
Chuck at Redline Service, Tucson, AZ, October 2001

A little feedback for you concerning your 46mm carb kit.  We just finished building a GT 4S PCA car and ran it for three days this last weekend at the Maverick Region club race at Texas Motor Speedway. The carbs performed flawlessly. The engine had a smooth idle, no flat spots, perfect transition from low to mid to high RPM level. No loading problem, etc. We are very pleased with the full setup.
Don Istook, Fort Worth, TX, October 2001

PMO fuel bars are great! We use them on all our race cars.
Ron at Zotz Garage, Winter Park, FL, October 2001

Thank you for building those superb carbs.
I really enjoy having them!

Stephan Wilkinson, Cornwall on Hudson, NY, August 2001

The finest piece of Porsche merchandise Iíve seen!
Randy Aase, Anaheim, CA, May 2001