Carburetion & Injection

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  Clewett Engineering - Porsche Dyno 306 whp 

Along with the PMO EFI throttle body kit, Clewett has added the TEC-3r engine management, a newly updated 2.0-3.3 serpentine fan belt kit and many other goodies for this customer in Chile.

Pat Williams Racing - Porsche PMO ITBs with PWR EFI

Has your carbureted 911 become hard to start when cold? Modern fuel formulations are showing less propensity to fully vaporize at low temperature when not injected under pressure. PWR has developed an EFI replacement system utilizing PMO's ITB's based on our 911 Turbo EFI conversion program with fully developed mapping for both speed/density and alpha/N applications to suit both street and race applications.

  Porsche 911 - 3.2L PMO ITB